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WSE was created from the hard work and countless hours put in by dedicated volunteers who believed our vision. WSE recognizes and thanks each member who played an important role in getting the Association going.

Board of Directors (2018-2019)

President: Gale Sophia, AACRAO
Past President: Will Samson, ECE
Vice President for Profession Development: Augus Wodehous, UK NARIC
Vice President of Standards: Stephanie Dunlop, International Education Specialist
Vice President of Membership: Reginald Ivan, Michigan State University
Treasurer: Merle Hal, International Education Evaluations, Inc.
Secretary: Carol Alcott, University of Amsterdam
Executive Director: Robert Prather, WSE

Committee Chairs (2018-2019)

Committee for Governance and Finance, Margit Schatzman, ECE
Committee for Standards, Rolf Lofstad, Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT)
Committee for Membership Outreach, Jeremy Mixell, University of San Francisco
Professional Development and Training Committee, Denise Benz, Laureate Education
Resources for Members Committee, Garrett Seelinger, NAIA
Conference Committee, Timothy Kell, ECE
Marketing and Communications Committee, Shereen Mir-Jabbar, Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators
Organizational Advancement, George Kacenga, Purdue University Northwest
Research Committee, Margit Schatzman, ECE
Certificate Committee, Kate Freeman, SpanTran: The Evaluation Company
Digital Student Data, Margaret Wenger, ECE

Executive Committee (2016-2017)

President:Moses Cowper
Past President:Madeline Austen
Vice President of Standards:Toby Augustine
Vice President of Membership:Fay Camp
Treasurer:Kama (Beginning May 1, 2016) Michelle Moraes (To April 31, 2016)
Secretary:Amanda Wells
Executive Director:Adolph Dan

Committee Chairs (2016-2017)

Governance and Finance: Margit Schatzman Standards: Stanford Wallis
Membership Outreach: Delia Aldington
Resources for Members: Burton Sharp
Professional Development and Training: Christine Butler
Conference Planning: Joyce Ruth
Marketing and Communications: Dwight Salome
Organizational Advancement: Joy Yerkes
Certificate: Lionel Thomas

Executive Committee (2014-2015)

President, Margit Schatzman, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)
Vice President of Standards, Jenneke Lokhoff, NUFFIC
Vice President of Member Outreach, Jeanie Bell, University of Colorado Boulder
Secretary, Kate Freeman, Span Tran: The Evaluation Company
Treasurer, Michelle Moraes, Academic Evaluation Services
Executive Director, Robert Prather, WSE

Committee Chairs (2014-2015)

Governance and Finance: Miriam Grant
Standards: Rolf Lofstad, Sarah Ledwidge
Membership Outreach: Phyllis Darwin
Resources for Members: Myron Sawyer
Professional Development and Training: Esther Becher, Venus Whyet
Conference Planning: Greg Field

Founding Executive Team (2013-2014)

President, Valerie Woolston, University of Maryland
Vice President, Marjorie Smith, University of Denver
Treasurer, Margit Schatzman, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)
Secretary, Nancy Katz, Evaluation Service, Inc.

Transition Committee (11/6/13 – 1/31/14)

Jeanie Bell, University of Colorado Boulder
Darryl Calkins, Northeastern University
Erik Johansson, Universitets-och Hogskoleradet
Nancy Katz, Evaluation Service, Inc.
Christine Kerlin, Retired, Everett Community College
Jenneke Lokhoff, Nuffic
Robert Prather, International Education Consultant
Natasha Sawh, Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
Margit Schatzman, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)
Jessica Stannard, Nuffic
Linda Tobash, Institute of International Education (IIE)

Steering Committee (4/1/13 – 11/5/13)

Amelia Bacon, University of Colorado Boulder
Chester Oliver , Northeastern University
Jean Yale, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Rex Zacharias, Evaluation Service, Inc.
Curitis Rudolph, Retired, Everett Community College
Bertha Silas, International Education Consultant
Martina Spenser, Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
Zenobia Larkin, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)
Evelyn Coverdale, Institute of International Education (IIE)
Jodie Martin, Retired, University of Texas at Austin

Institutions listed for identification purposes only.