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About institutional storage

Student data permanent safe storage solution


What is institutional storage?

Institutional storage is a data storage service developed by WSE for universities/institutions. This storage service also uses the technical means of blockchain distributed storage to help universities/institutions permanently and safely store information.

1.Apply directly

If you do not have your own student data management system or related network system, you can directly upload your student data on WSE. Due to the difference between the data uploaded by different universities, colleges and institutions, when you are sure to store When you need data, you need to contact us and submit an application plan. We will separately open a data upload plan for your data storage type.

2. Application for interface connection

The change plan is suitable for the student data management system or related network system that you already have your own data, and has a certain development ability. You can apply for services automatically through the data circulation interface provided by WSE. WSE formulates an interface plan according to your data storage needs. , You only need to do interface connection according to our requirements to realize automatic storage of student data. This solution can save you a lot of work and is also the solution recommended by WSE.

Why store data?

No data loss

The traditional storage method is centered on the university/institution. The data depends on the university/institution, and the huge data storage is easy to be lost due to some force majeure during the storage process.

The data storage service provided by WSE is based on blockchain technology. The decentralized storage method solves the problem of centralized data storage. Student data will be stored in different node servers in the world to ensure that the data storage is absolutely safe and not lost.

Reduce interference

Many students must provide proofs related to academic qualifications due to immigration, work, settlement, etc. Students will apply to universities for proof of academic qualifications. Schools are often disturbed by these applications and may even run the risk of data loss.

The data storage service provided by WSE stores student data for evaluation and related information storage. Students only need to log in to WSE to view the stored data and related documents. There is no need to apply for academic qualifications from universities and institutions, reducing student interference with the school.

Not tamperable

The data stored by WSE depends on the distributed storage technology of the blockchain, and the most important feature of the distributed storage of the blockchain is that the information cannot be tampered with, and the data stored by the students is also tamper-proof, so the student data we save It is permanently tamper-proof, which largely avoids the phenomenon of data disorder caused by illegal personnel tampering with student data through illegal means

Reduce storage costs

In order to ensure the convenience of data storage, many universities/structures adopt the server storage method, but as the school student data continues to increase, the requirements for the storage server will continue to increase, equipment construction costs and maintenance costs continue to increase and decrease

Blockchain distributed storage used by the WSE institutional storage service does not require a separate server. WSE will use different node servers in various countries for storage, saving storage and maintenance costs.

About blockchain distributed storage

Introduction to Blockchain

Blockchain technology is to use blockchain data structure to verify and store data, use distributed node consensus algorithm to generate and update data, use cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access, and use intelligence composed of automated script code A new distributed infrastructure and calculation method for programming and operating data through contracts

Blockchain distributed storage

The distributed storage system is to share the storage resources of distributed nodes. The file integrity verification and erasure code verification technology are used to perform distributed management on the data of the data storage side. The nodes of the entire network do not maintain the same storage information to reduce redundancy. The rest is a distributed system (nodes of the entire network in the blockchain system maintain the same stored information).

How to apply?

If you are ready to apply for the evaluation storage service, you can follow the steps below to apply


Register a WSE account

if you don't have a wse account yet, you need to go to the registration page to apply for an account.

If you already have a WSE account, you can ignore this step


Apply for institutional storage and choose application method

You can choose to apply directly or apply for interface docking according to your needs


We accept your application to develop a cooperation plan

Within 5 working days after you submit the application, we will have a staff to contact you to determine the details of the cooperation plan


Do technical interface docking/application link production according to the determined plan

If you choose to apply for the interface, we will have a technician to contact your technician for interface docking

If you choose to apply directly, we will provide you with a link to submit information according to your needs


Submit the corresponding data storage according to the plan

Depending on the plan, you can store data