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Who are our members?

Our membership is comprised of individuals, academic institutions, independent agencies, and organizations who share a common interest in international credential evaluation, directly or indirectly.

How does WSE support our professionals?

WSE offers an opportunity to take charge of your career. We provide opportunities to participate in activities that relate directly to our profession such as country-specific webinars, in-person conferences, and a forum for networking within other international credential evaluation professionals.

WSE fills the gaps that currently exist among the various professional organizations by providing a one-stop-shop for resources, professional development, networking, and one-on-one access to highly specialized expertise across the profession.

How does WSE support the field?

International credential evaluation is a small, highly specialized field that will need to grow to take care of the influx of international students and professionals who are increasingly sought after and mobile. WSE is an official organization committed to moving the field of international credential evaluation forward, through activities such as research, determining best practices, supporting professional development.

How can WSE help if you are not an international credential evaluator?

Many organizations and institutions outsource their international credential evaluations. One must know how to apply the information in the evaluation reports to the institution or organization. Being a WSE member gives you direct access to international credential evaluation professionals who may assist you in understanding evaluation methodologies and how your institution should handle evaluation reports received.

How can you become involved with WSE?

Where can I find information on professional development activities offered by WSE?

The WSE website includes all of the information on professional development opportunities offered by the organization itself. In addition, Members of WSE can access the Compendium of Professional Development activities around the world, a list conferences, training opportunities, and other professional development opportunities arranged geographically and available for credential evaluators across the globe. Become a member today to gain access to this exclusive information!

Do I have to be a member of WSE to participate in these activities?

Information on professional development is available to WSE’s website for members and non-members alike. However, membership grants access to exclusive opportunities as well as discounted registration to the general meeting and other events.

Can I volunteer as trainer for professional development activities such as webinars?

Yes! WSE thrives due to volunteer efforts of the credential evaluation community. Please contact WSE’s Executive Director, Robert Prather at DATA@WSE.ORG.