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Study Abroad Achievement Certification Requirements

The permanent data storage of the results of studying abroad for international students, the information of each link can be traced, and the information is completely consistent and cannot be tampered with, which is the guarantee of the data security of the results of studying abroad.

Liuxin.com CSCSSME uses the Ethereum blockchain storage technology to combine with China's domestic judicial nodes. It perfectly solves the problem of data storage of the results of studying abroad for international students. According to its characteristics, it stores the information and data of the results of studying abroad.

Digital permanent storage of study abroad information

  • The Overseas Credits Blockchain facilitates the progress of job seekers' recognition of overseas educational achievements by simplifying the secure distribution of the source of information for verification of students or certificates issued by accreditation agencies.

student-centred approach

  • Owners of educational achievements leave a letter to users of the blockchain system, who can choose with whom to share documents related to their academic titles and educational achievements in order to demonstrate part of their learning and work ability in an orderly manner according to international standards.

Apply for registration

Apply for registrationAfter registering and applying for the National International Student Talent Pool (Liuxin.com), log in to the International Students Professional Talent Pool

Inventory application information

The basic information of improving the storage includes (the country of study, passport number, time of going abroad, time of returning to China, school attended, source of study abroad funds, time of

Upload study materials

One 2-inch ID photo, one or two copies of the true and reverse side of the ID card, multiple copies of the uploaded degree certificate and transcript and the translation of the graduation certificate transcript,

Basic Information

Complete basic personal information including (name, date of birth, ID card, email, mobile phone number, country of study, etc.)

The mailing address of the result of the professional talent pool for international students

Fill in the complete address (mailing details, recipient, recipient phone,)

payment details

Check the required items, complete the payment, and complete the application for storage.