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Common Problem

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  • What is evaluation storage?

    Evaluation storage will evaluate and certify academic and professional degrees obtained in a country, and permanently store your information on the blockchain. Colleges, universities, employers and governments use certificate assessments to evaluate foreign education as part of the admission or admission process.

    Obtaining a certificate evaluation from WSE will ensure that your foreign education is fully understood by universities, institutions and employers in other countries

  • Who needs certificate evaluation?

    If you are going from one country to another country and need to convert the qualifications obtained in that country, you need to conduct a certificate evaluation. This will help universities, institutions and employers in the country you are visiting to understand your academic qualifications and qualifications.

  • How much does it cost to evaluate storage?

    The cost of voucher evaluation depends on the type of evaluation you ordered. Expedited services, additional costs for photocopying and delivery may also affect your evaluation costs.

  • Do you evaluate work experience?

    No, we only evaluate academic work and education certificates.

  • How long does it take to prepare an assessment report?

    We have simplified the process, and it takes an average of 5 working days to submit the report.

  • If you have completed a foreign degree or diploma course within 5 years of receiving the WSE® assessment report,How to adjust the data?

    You can add information such as the final degree or diploma to the report through the "Data Update-Upgrade Academic Degree "option, and resubmit the application.

  • What should I do if I find that my information has been submitted incorrectly after the application is completed?

    You can submit the information you want to modify to "Data Update-Modify Current Education Information" and submit the corresponding supporting materials. We will help you to modify the information in a short time.

Question About Copy

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  • Can I order a copy of the certificate evaluation report?

    Yes, you can order a copy of the report for up to 5 years from the date the report is first published. After five years, applicants will no longer be able to order copies of their reports.  

  • Can I apply for multiple copies?

    No, in order to prevent illegal operations such as illegal transactions, we only provide an application service for up to four copies at a time.If you need more copies for special reasons, please "contact us" to apply

  • When will I usually receive my copy

    We will mail you a copy of the assessment material within two to three working days after the end of the assessment. Since different countries use different courier services, the time will vary.

    In order to ensure that you can receive your copy materials faster, we will arrange our service center according to your delivery address to prepare the copy materials for you.

Problems with educational documents

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  • What are the consequences of false submission of educational documents?

    The services we provide will permanently store your educational files on the blockchain. If your information is false or forged, we will permanently store your information on the blockchain and use "data transmission" to the world Of authoritative educational institutions transmit your false data.

  • What if the educational documents provided by my country of study do not meet the conditions?

    We know that there are certain differences in the educational documents issued by different countries. If the documents issued by the country where you study do not meet the needs, you can contact us for a special evaluation, and we will customize the relevant regulations of the country where you study Evaluation plan.

  • What documents do I need to send to WSE?

    Please check the documents required in your school for detailed instructions. If your school is willing to send the electronic file to WSE, please contact us.

    The required documents vary depending on the institution you are attending.

Problems in the certification process

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  • Why can’t I upload the pictures of my diploma and transcripts when I authenticate?

    The maximum file size allowed to upload is 2M, the image format is doc, docx, jpg, pdf, png, if the image file is too large, please set it.
  • What materials do I need to submit during the certification process?

    Identity Documents/Residency Documents/Other Documents/Consent Documents

    ID Photo

    Student Card Number



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